Trevor Simpson (Dunmore East) fishing for lobsters and crawfish with willow pots in the early 1960s.

Heritage Fisheries 

Until the last century traditional fish traps made of natural materials had been used since the arrival of the very first peoples to our shores.  Plants and trees were grown for their long slender offshoots, which were then platted and woven together to make cordage, nets, weirs and creels that would help sustain the livelihoods of coastal fishing communities for many generations - catching crustaceans and fish to feed their families and trade for other goods at local markets, which forms part of our rich coastal culture and maritime fisheries heritage. We believe in the importance of our history of traditional fishing and the need to start thinking ahead, otherwisecenturies of skills and knowledge around our coast will be irretrievably lost forever. 

Trevor Simpson's son Brendan making willow pots in the early 2020s.

Environmentally Friendly 

In accordance with zero plastics, zero environmental impact and sustainable fishing practices, our willow lobster pots are made from a totally renewable resource that is carbon neutral and 100% biodegradable, meaning that they are good for the environment as they do not contribute to the problem of marine litter or ghost fishing. With this in mind, we strongly insist that only ropes and twines made wholly from natural biodegradable fibres are used to complement our willow creels if they are destined for the purpose of commercial or recreational fishing. 

Handed Down 

Our seatime experience combined with a unique skill set handed down from our elders enables us to master a variety of types and styles of traditional fishing equipment. Our careful handcrafting of each artefact is testament to our commitment to preserving the heritage of fishing, capturing the essence of natural beauty and authenticity.

Heritage Fisheries

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 S.I. No. 31/2016

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